Friday, March 26, 2010

My Current Routine

For those curious, my current exercise routine is made up of three strength training days per week. I train Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Monday and Friday are full body routines consisting of 8-9 exercises. Wednesday is either a full body routine of 8-9 exercises or a short workout consisting of a 5-6 exercises I don't perform during the full body days. I train all exercises to failure and shoot for a set time of 45-80 seconds (note that MedX strength training machines, due to their very even resistance throughout the repetition, are much easier to train with such heavy weight loads and low times than most other lines of equipment. Training to failure in 50 seconds with some lines of equipment can be near impossible.).

The following is today's workout:
  1. Nautilus Pullover: 250 lbs for 1:01
  2. MedX Chest Press: 470 lbs for 0:57
  3. Nautilus Rowing Torso: 144lbs for 0:47
  4. MedX Lateral Raise: 126 lbs for 0:52
  5. MedX Leg Press: 770 lbs for 0:58
  6. MedX Seated Leg Curl: 386 lbs for 0:58
  7. MedX Leg Extension: 300 lbs for 1:15
  8. Triceps Pushdown on MedX Pulldown: 198 lbs for 0:37
  9. Nautilus Biceps Curl: 172.5 lbs for 0:40
I am arranging for one of my workouts to be recorded. Once it is, I will post it here on H-A.


mrfreddy said...

770 on the leg press? Holy crap!

Dr. Sean Preuss said...

Fritz-Thank you. That leg press is a beast. Eugene and I were just chatting about you yesterday. He told me about your move to NJ. I hope all is going well for you.

mrfreddy said...

all is going good! hope you guys only had good things to say about me, haha. I'll be stopping by Serious Strength one of these days.

Oh, and btw, welcome back to the East Coast and the big city. Just couldn't stay away, aye?

shaka said...
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shaka said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Dr. Sean Preuss said...

Fritz - It's hard to stay away when family is here, although the west coast lifestyle is tough to beat.

Margaret - Thank you for the kind words and for following H-A. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts.