Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Holiday Season

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Thanksgiving starts the holiday season, which is a season full of delicious foods and drinks.  This post is just a reminder for you to take a minute for assessment of where you are at and what you will be going into during the next few weeks. 

Today through the end of the holiday season (New Year's Day) makes up 38 days, which is a little over 10% of the entire year.  While I wholeheartedly believe that people should eat whatever they want and enjoy on the actual holidays, if those holidays turn into several-day feasts on leftovers and unfinished desserts, which then leads to an approach of eating whatever because "it's the holiday season," you will not be happy with what you find when you wake up on January 2nd.  Exercise discipline in making your food choices.  If you have several holiday parties to attend, stick to the meat and vegetables and reserve dessert and starchy side dishes for one or two designated parties (or better yet, just the actual holidays themselves). 

Also, I suggest a weekly weigh-in or body composition exam during the next 38 days.  Record and keep the results in a location that you will notice everyday.  This will allow you to catch a negative trend before it becomes a major problem.

Why rely on digging yourself out of a big hole after January 1st when you can avoid that hole altogether?  Happy holidays!

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