Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lipid Lies: From the Mouths of Others

Thanks to all of the dedicated Health-Actualization followers for your recent patience.  My current work load is much greater than usual, leading to less time for the blog.  In my minimal recent spare time, I have been able to check out a few great sites and videos.  Two of the videos do a brilliant job in elaborating on the lipid hypothesis, which we discussed in the previous post.  I posted the videos below.  Check them out!

  1. Grass-Based Food for Thought by Peter Ballestedt, PhD (click on the title to watch the video).  This 16 minute lecture is a thorough breakdown of the importance of meat consumption, what research has shown in regards to blood cholesterol and cholesterol consumption, how diet is affected by not eating meat, what we eat that leads to obesity, and what macronutrients are essential to health.  I highly recommend watching Peter's video.
  2. A clip from Fat Head: Tom Naughton discusses how the lipid hypothesis came to be and what various doctors say about the actual research on the topic (a good elaboration on my previous post).  Also, Tom explains how long we have been relying on agriculture as a source of food in very clear terms.

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