Thursday, April 23, 2009

High Intensity Strength Training Exercises

A few clients have expressed interest in seeing what other people look like during slow, high intensity exercises. Thanks to the help of my coworker Heather, I recorded parts of my last workout for your viewing pleasure.

Like every trainee without an instructor, there are flaws in my execution. The three exercises shown are performed to complete fatigue. The leg press exercise lasts about 1:30. The pulldown and chest press exercises last between 1:10 and 1:20.

Leg Press


Chest Press


Anne said...

Thanks for showing yourself doing these exercises. I always find it easier to keep to the right speed if I have a picture in my head of someone doing the exercises at the right speed rather than counting seconds !


Dr. Sean Preuss said...

Anne-You're very welcome. Obviously my form isn't perfect in these exercises, but hopefully they will help in creating that mental picture. You have the right idea by not counting!

mrfreddy said...

Hey Sean, Nice videos. If yer interested, take a look here:

I posted a video on my new blog - Eugene was manning the camera and conducting the torture session... the pain was all mine, hahah!