Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finding Time for Six Minutes of Hard Work

I recently changed my workout to seven exercises per day and am sticking with three days per week.  Here is my workout from yesterday (the order is not my usual one. Due to immediate availability of machines, I had to move a few things around, including performing lateral raise before rowing torso, which led to the low time on the latter):

1. MedX Leg Press: 820 lbs. for 1:03
2. MexX Chest Press: 490 lbs. for 1:01
3. Nautilus Low Back: 208 lbs. for 0:53
4. MedX Pulldown: 609 lbs. for 1:00
5. MedX Lateral Raise: 138 lbs. for 0:56
6. Nautilus Rowing Torso: 155 lbs. for 0:33
7. MedX Seated Leg Curl: 410 lbs. for 0:50

I didn't exactly time the overall session, but the workout took between 15 and 20 minutes.  Adding my times up, I spent a total of six minutes and 16 seconds exercising!  My sessions combined take up about 50-60 minutes per week, and I actually exercise about 20 minutes of that time.

I'm sure that my exact workout isn't the best ever created, but it's very effective nonetheless.  The point here, in my 98th blog post, is one that I've recycled a few times: Time should be no obstacle when it comes to starting or keeping a strength training routine.  The benefits are great and many, and no other exercise method is needed to complement it.  Even one 20 minute strength training routine per week, with at least six exercises performed in good form and with a resistance that you can lift till fatigued in 40-90 seconds, will do your body wonders.

You can use the rest of your time for whatever you enjoy.

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Fred Hahn said...

Brief and simple. Why so many cannot embrace this is beyond me.

You should comment about your results as well.