Friday, February 10, 2012

Two Unsynchronized Souls Radio Interview

On Thursday night, February 9th, I had the honor of joining Monica Brinkman and Oana Niculae on their BlogTalkRadio show, Two Unsynchronized Souls.  The show typically covers a variety of topics, including social issues, current events, and fiction writing.  I was brought on the show to discuss exercise and nutrition, but we became so wrapped up in nutrition chatter that we barely discussed exercise.  It was a fun experience. We laughed quite a bit, and Monica and Oana covered a lot of ground with their nutrition questions. 

Thoughts on the Show

There are a few things I want to add to the interview:
  1. I mentioned a few links during the show.  They are:, which is the online food journal that I use periodically.  Also, is the site for U.S. Wellness Meats, a great source for finding organic, grass-fed beef.  
  2. One thing I said accidentally was that short, intense training can improve blood pressure to its maximal degree.  While short, high intensity exercise can improve most health measures as much, if not more than, long duration/moderate intensity exercise, blood pressure is actually not one of them.  Blood pressure seems to respond best to long duration exercise, regardless of intensity (i.e. a half hour walk is more effective in lowering blood pressure than a 15 minute session of running sprints).
  3. If you would like to see any of the studies that I refer to, feel free to ask.
Your thoughts and feedback are welcome.  Enjoy!


Floriana said...

Nice interview, Sean. I was a bit put off by all the rambling the ladies did, but enjoyed it overall.

I completely agree with the message to eat real food and I am always glad to hear that stressed and put out there.

It's also good to be reminded of the importance of overall activity. Absolutely agree on that, too. I do have to say, though, that sitting down many hours a day is not always connected to leisure like watching TV or reading. Many people, myself including, need to do their job sitting down. So, perhaps it's not that shocking that so many people sit for so many hours each day.

Organic and grass fed are not the same. I thought it would have been nice if you used the opportunity to explain the difference.

One thing I disagree with is that butter is good for cooking at high temperatures. Just put some butter on a pan and turn the heat on, it goes brown and starts to smoke pretty quickly. Purified butter - ghee is a much better choice in my opinion.

Oh, and yes, it's a shame you didn't get to talk about exercise more.

Dr. Sean Preuss said...


Thanks for listening. I could have elaborated more on the real food topic as that is the first thing I teach clients in regards to diet, but the conversation didn't really flow that way.

You're on the money with sitting at work. According to the research, people are increasing less active and more sedentary at work:

One thing that researchers are looking at now is the effectiveness of a walking workstation:,r:2,s:0

The idea of it is not to get exercise/"burn" calories, but to walk at about 1 to 1.5 mph to prevent the detriments for sitting eight hours per day.

You're right: I should have differentiated between grass-fed and organic, or at least mentioned that the meat that people purchase is labeled for each.

Granted I basically never cook above medium heat, the Kerrygold Irish butter that I use ( will only turn brown if I leave it on the pan by itself for a while. Otherwise, I never have that problem.